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About the Ice Painting Project

“Canada is a big country, why not make big paintings?”

Gordon Halloran asked himself this question as he began his journey into the creation of this new art form in the early nineties. His work has been featured at The World Figure Skating Championships, the Calgary Olympic Plaza, Richmond’s Minoru Centre, Vancouver’s West End Community Centre and other rinks in Canada.

He uses many techniques to create these paintings - hoses to airbrush paint, pebbling with ice and paint, carving patterns in the ice with skates, using the Zamboni as a palette knife and creating smaller paintings in freezers which he then trucks to the site and embeds into the ice like mosaic like patterns.


About the Artist



About the Olympic Installation


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Press Commentary

"The quintessential Canadian art form"

--The Globe and Mail


"Ice rink work a first"

-- The Vancouver Province


"Imagine the rink itself exploding with the fullness of rich, primary color -- thrown, sprayed, brushed layer upon layer across the entire surface like a jeweled mosaic."

-- The Coast News


"Everyone present was sharing the exhilaration and natural high of skating, the sensory hit of the new and different, the sights and sound of an arena transformed."

-- Recreation BC Magazine


"A new Canadian art form emerges from the depths of Gordon Halloran's deep-freeze."

-- The Georgia Strait


"We are thrilled to offer you this commission to create this exciting, innovative project in celebration of our World Championships"

-- E.B. Allan / Director, World Figure Skating Championships