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Great Story in The Coast Reporter about the 2003 Ice Painting Challenge

Frost on the rooftops, ice on the pond and we’ve got ten teams! Three and a half months into this unusual project and our presenting sponsor Marketplace IGA has finally come through! The rink, the teams, a few sponsors -- everything seems possible. We’re behind schedule, but excitement is building. Jessica has been sending me emails with little jumping faces on the bottom! She’s marshalling her Grade 7 friends, most are veterans of the all-girls Improv group No Brothers, a bunch of bright, creative youngsters. This team is strong on performers, but who will step forward as the artist? Wait, Casmira has surely inherited some of her father’s creative talents! Do I have their number? Howard Ball, team prankster for seniors hockey team The Rusty Cranks, has agreed to do the skate challenge! I admire them for their blind faith in Gord, as when I explained the project to Sam, Team Captain, he laughed a robust, lengthy guffaw that seemed to go on and on. “What’s the joke?” I wondered. “Your team makes an ice painting in four hours on New Year’s Eve at the rink.“ He can barely talk, “How am I going to explain this to the guys?” he says, convulsing with glee. Tami Williams has been nothing short of magnificent, working one-on-one at both Elphie and Chat to oganizeor an aboriginal team, and it looks like we have one from The Sechelt Nation and another team Phoenix, with aboriginals from up and down the Sunshine Coast! seems thrilled by the potential of this inclusive, multi-faceted, Olympic-themed event, and we talk about 2010. I’m remembering cultural fanfare at the Olympics in Australia, how moving the aboriginal presentation was and I suggest to her that we invite The Sechelt Nation to do a performance for the opening of the paintings. She’ll put the word out, she says.

I see familiar names on the team lists: Nadeen Xaveriss acted in our film Singing the Bones. From Chat, ICE ICE Babys: Kaley Levene of Decent Criminals! And Jessica Doyle, from Women’s Hockey is on the #2 Chat team, Not Just Yellow Snow. Again, the fax is a lovely sound: Katherine Denham sends us a fully subscribed team (Denham & Friends) with friends we’ve known for years: Carole La Fave & Sally Quinn, Sarah & Dean Schutz, Geoff Davis, Johanna Dalgleish and Carla Paetkau. Women’s Hockey is putting in a team! Margaret Green, who has earned a reputation for being a solid supporter is team captain. Green’s Mobile Marine Repairs sponsors.

The District of Sechelt finally signed on the dotted line. In District halls en route to a meeting, I recruit a “yes” and a “maybe”: Ray Parfit, Town Planner, and Sherry Taylor, whose husband Jim, has a huge singing talent. (He worked with Gord on Beachcombers). Jim has a gig on New Year’s – maybe we can get him for five minutes to introduce their painting – in song.

Town of Gibsons has James Elliott, (skater) and , Laura Marshall (another Improv connection) and hubby Chris. , magically shows up at the arena for the first team meeting! She’s an expert seamstress, an asset for the flag making challenge. And that night, there’s snow on the windshield for the first time this season.