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The Permanent Ice Paintings

Mr. Halloran has recently developed a process for converting the temporary imagery he has created in Canada's ice arenas into permanent paintings. The intricate patterns of an original ice painting are scanned and captured as digital information, reconfigured in a computer and output to a specially designed, archival Giclé printing system. This will allow the ice image artwork to be layered and individually modified to capture the essence of the original frozen painting in ice.

gallery ice painting

The Giclé paintings can be created as large as 1 metre by 2 metres, a size which reflects the great expanse of Halloran's original arena-sized paintings -- among the largest paintings ever created in North America.

Ice image artwork can be 'commissioned' in almost any size. The buyer chooses an image from the catalogue of ice images and the artist adapts it to the desired size, working with the Giclé, ensuring the deepest and boldest colors, as well as preserving the depth and complexity of the original image.

Each ice image artwork will be individually crafted, one-of-a-kind, unique in color and configuration.