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The Ice Painting Challenge


  • Six to ten people of any age and physical ability with a variety of skills


  • To design & make a painting out of the ice surface and finish it with a Zamboni in 4 hours, fulfilling criteria set out by artist Gordon Halloran. Workshops in Advanced design & team planning with the artist will help your team design & create your painting

  • To skate In a team relay around the paintings.

  • To entertain Each team must 'describe' the intent of their painting, it's personality, it's meaning, it's energy at the Gala Opening using story, song, music, dance, comedy, drama, mime, slides, or video.

  • To design & create your own flag


  • A performer to lead your team in its 5-Minute Max performance

  • An athelete to lead your team in the physical challenge.

  • Someone with a flair for design and use of materials

  • Several team members with physical strength and endurance for the four hours you have to fulfill your team design over 225 square feet of ice, carrying buckets, pouring paint, pebbling, carrying and installing ice shards.

  • An organizer to plan meetings and direct traffic & the flow of work on the day

  • Four skaters from your team to participate in a team relay at the Gala Unveiling of the paintings.


  • Workshop & Design sessions with artist for each team painting.

  • Prizes to win in a variety of categories * every team wins a prize

  • The thrill of teamwork

  • Opportunity to skate in a team relay

  • Showtime experience at Gala Opening

  • Free pass to all Ice Painting Challenge events


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